Plain and simple is probably best


Welcome to Guy vs Weight!

I’m The Guy, and this (grabs and shakes my big belly) is The Weight. Nice to meet you! This blog is all about me trying to make the right decisions, do the proper things, and attempt to improve my health, lose weight, and get in shape. Pretty simple, straight forward and I really don’t think it requires – at this point – a big drawn out blog post such as the one I originally had typed out.

Subscribe, participate via comments, return and find out how I’m doing, if you want! I’ll start logging a few stats, as I follow and record them, and post them here as updates. I’m not going to get into measurements or anything like that, I don’t care to measure every little thing, but I’ll give you the barebones like weight, body type, etc.

So stay tuned, if you’re even the least bit interested, and I’ll get the ball rolling. And I promise, I’ll avoid long winded blog posts. I’ve got a regular blog for things like that. This is dedicated strictly to tracking my setbacks and successes.

See you around!

  • James

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